Walking Pete, Shooting Photo, Eating Thindi



Sun, April 15, 2018,

8:00 am–11:00 am



This Sunday, accompany ace documentary, street photographer and No. 1 lover of Bangalore, Dr. Vivek Muthuramalingam as he takes you down the oldest market areas in town. Established by Kempe Gowda in 1537, the Pete areas of town with roads laid out in the cardinal directions with entrance gates at the end of each road.

Pete, which is Kannada for market centre has several well-known literally named markets such as Balepete, or the market for Bangles, Tharagupete, the market for grains, Ganigarapete market where oil is extracted by the Ganiga community and several others. It’s a bustling cultural hot pot, with people from all around the state and the country who have made it their home.

We will learn about traders and their trades, and craftsmen and their crafts; we will encounter jewellers, weavers, flower-sellers and what not. Along the way, we will stop at nearly every legendary eatery for a breakfast of perhaps five courses (extendable to 17, if we so wish).. Also along the way, we learn to shoot with whatever camera we happen to be carrying - your pocket smartphone, the fancy DSLR or gopro someone happened to gift you, and learn the fundamentals of framing, lighting and composition.

Vivek is the curator of Bangalore: A Visual Anthology, a labour of love marking out visual commemorations to the places of his childhood in and around Old Bangalore. Vivek seeks out ideas that serve humanitarian purposes including ecology, tribal struggles, cultural memories, trades and so on. His work has appeared online and in Print with the Wall Street Journal, the Sunday Guardian, Outlook, Timeout, Tehelka, National Geographic and several others.

We will meet on Sunday at the front entrance of KR Market.

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