Walk through the Alleys of City Market w/ Ullas Hydoor



Sat, April 22, 2017,

8:00 am–10:00 am



A walk through the alleyways of City Market that bustles with life while listening to stories of Kempe Gowda, what the area was intended to be, how the market came into existence and how it transformed over the years while Ullas points us to walls that he wanted to paint these stories on.

Ullas Hydoor, trained as an architect who then went on to become the artist that he is today - is perhaps the ideal person to take us on this journey. He uses his foundation of architecture, his practice as a street artist and the history of the space from his derivation based on all that he has read and the conversations and stories he has heard - to weave compelling images of City Market through the expanse of time.


RSVP on +91 99161 86819 to confirm your participation.


Outdoor experiences as part of To Scratch the Surface.


The VAG Forum presents

To Scratch the Surface

An exhibition celebrating the public graphic art culture of Bangalore.

Amitabh Kumar, Annirudh Abhyankar, Anpu, Archana Prasad, Arzu Mistry, Badal , Chandranath Acharya, Dead the Duck, Geechu Gallus, George Mathen, Guess Who, Murugan Arts, Poornima Sukumar, Rajkamal Arts (K. Chinappa), Rabbit Hole Radicals, Shashidhara Adapa, Shilo Shiv Suleiman , Stallone , Ullas Hydoor, Yash Bhandari

The exhibition is a response to a growing momentum of Public Graphic Art practice in the city. The gallery functions to hold together varied tangents and approaches of how Bangalore is evoked by the many practices that mark it. ‘To Scratch the Surface’ explores the mark, the surface that is marked and the hand that marks it.

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