The Inner Voice to Outer Voice ft Tritha and Martin



Sun, February 4, 2018,

2:00 pm–5:00 pm






Indian Voice and Music Meditation
2:00 - 3:30pm
Led by Tritha Sinha

In this workshop, we will connect with our vocal chords. Understand the importance of listening, and open the precious tools of awareness that we have – the voice and the ear. We will meditate through silence, the sounds of trees and birds, and the Tibetan bowl music. Learn to calm our mind. And to sing the Sargam and feel the sounds vibrating inside our bodies, healing the heart and mind. Understand the concepts of Raga – based on the nature and time of day and night, or seasons or emotions.
And we will end the session by learning and chanting a Sanskrit Mantra, which has lasted over centuries.

Mongolian Overtone Singing
3:30 - 5:00pm
Led by Martin Dubois

Mongolian nomadic shepherds from the time of Genghis Khan sought to imitate the sounds produced by animals and nature: sheep, horses, water, wind. Thus, they gradually developed special singing techniques – the Xoomij and Jajila – where voice emits two sounds at once and becomes a drone that offers a range of harmonic melodies. Since then these songs called "diphonic songs" have been transmitted over time. Martin Dubois invites you to discover the basic techniques to penetrate this world and immerse yourself in this practice for the benefit of your voice, body and spirit. 
> Relaxes the body
> Learn the typical breathing technique for Mongolian overtone singing practice
> Learn how to vocalise on sounds a, e, i, o, ou
> Learn gorges and language techniques to increase harmonics
> Production of two layered sounds, bumblebee and harmonics, with the advanced possibility of producing a precise melody
> A meditation practice through sound

|| Details ||

What: A voice and singing workshop by Tritha Sinha and Martin Dubois
When: Sun, 4 Feb
Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm
Open to all
Fee: Rs 1,500
Register here:

|| Artists ||

Tritha Sinha & Martin Dubois are experienced voice artists and multi-instrumentalists, creators of magical atmospheres and unforgettable world music concerts. They're fresh off a performance in the Ranthambore National Park and the Jaipur Literature Festival. Come and catch them live, on their ascendancy as they embark on an India tour. Check out more tunes here: 

Originally from Calcutta, Tritha is a child prodigy in music. One of India’s most promising musicians Tritha is a rising figure in India and Europe, not only as a singer and performer but also as a strong and modern Indian woman fighting for Women's freedom and independence. She began studying Indian classical music at 5 years old in the Agra, Patiala and Bishnupur gharana and has never stopped. She is now mastering the intricacies and techniques of Indian classical singing, thanks to the tutelage of her reputed worldwide master, guru Pandit Santanu Bandhyopadyay. As an ethical desire to share her knowledge of Indian classical music and its beneficial effects for singing and meditation, Tritha conducts music and voice workshops in different parts of the world. Know more

Professional musician (percussion, drums, flutes, vocals), songwriter, and teacher, Martin is constantly inspired and renewed. Martin’s drums began at the age of 9 years, conservatory, up to 18 years. Then he returned to CIM Jazz School in Paris, where, for four years he studied drums, percussion, composition, singing, piano and arrangement. In 2008, thanks to Johanni Curtet, he met Tserendavaa, one of the four largest current overtone singing master, who introduced Martin to this singular vocal technique.

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