The Brown Wrap Ep. 1 ft. Smokey the Ghost



Sun, March 25, 2018,

6:00 pm–8:00 pm



Hip-hop was birthed telling sobering truths in the shiny disco era. It was the word from the street, lyrical hard-hitting poetry. Transformed from being written off as niche, plagiaristic non-music to the dominant musical genre of our time, hip-hop has spread roots worldwide. From the Bronx to Bangalore, how does our cultural milieu affect the music? Who are the important voices, the famous and the overlooked? Come listen with us as Smokey the Ghost plays songs and tells stories.

About Smokey the Ghost

From a world where Indian rappers imitate western Ideas & Culture. Emerging here, is a new breed of Indian Hip Hop. Smokey the Ghost is a socio-conscious, culturally relevant Indian Rapper that does not have to put on an accent or baggy jeans to be one. Hailing from the city of Bangalore, he has been a pioneer in the Indian Hip Hop Scene for the past 15 Years. Being the founding member of the popular group, Machas With Attitude; he rendered his voice to many popular Bollywood films like Chennai Express & Detective Byomkesh Bakshy. In 2017, he collaborated with electronic duo, Aerate Sound, which led him to be the first rapper from India to appear on the Bangalore edition of The Boiler Room. Smokey the Ghost & Aerate Sound performed at The Magnetic Fields Festival in late 2017, making him the First rapper to feature in the festival as well. 

About Gathr

Gathr is a lab for experiments in human interaction. Come over for alternative socializing scenes ranging from insect Walks to Street Art Bicycle Rides, to Surreal Slumber Parties and Silent Reading Parties.

About Yolk Studio and Creative Habitat

Yolk is a photography and videography studio space run by Sam Mohan and Kalpana Kumar, which has been a hub for counter-cultural creativity for over a decade now, besides award-winning commercial work with BMW, Myntra, Times of India and so on and so on.

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