Taleem Yatra: The Story & Music of Joel Veena



Mon, March 13, 2017,

7:00 pm–9:00 pm



Taleem Yatra: The Story and Music of Joel Veena
With tabla accompaniment by Gurunandan Molahalli

We find origin stories of musicians making their way to their calling to be some of the most serendipitous, unlikely and heart-warming ever. Joel came by to Delhi all the way from chilly Vermont on a study trip exactly a decade back, found a CD of the famed maestro of the mohan veena, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and entranced by its twangy notes, Joel knew he had found his calling. Since then, under the tutelage of Dr. Ranjan Kumar, Joel has quietly honed his craft, performing his pieces around India and the United States.

On Monday, Joel presents an evening of music played on the Indian slide guitar which tells the story of his singular journey in and as a performer of Hindustani classical music. In this performance, Joel intersperses the stories of his diverse experience with the musical compositions that have comprised the substance of his Taleem, training, thus far.

The concert starts at 7 pm. Get there 15 mins before it begins so you can come say hi to Joel.

RSVP at, the policy is to pay at the door.

The suggested donation is Rs300 – Rs500 per person, please pay what you can. All money goes directly to the musicians.

About the Collaboration

#HouseConcertBangalore is about clocking off and gathering for mind-bending original music and arts, and Gathr is all about social experiences that are authentic, enriching and experimental, so it was only inevitable that we’d work together after the remarkable work that Manu has done in Delhi with House Concert Delhi.

Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices is one of the de facto supporters of arts and somatic practices in the city, having done so much for Bangalore’s cultural and aesthetic experiences. It’s a lovely space near Lalbagh, come and check it out.

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