Reopening the Doors of Perception: A Listening Party



Sun, March 18, 2018,

4:00 pm–6:00 pm



It’s no lie to say that The Doors are easily one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Their songs have become the classic texts of classic rock, and their music has reached out reached out to generations beyond the one that first understood the deepest meanings, the organic unity, and their transcendent qualities. They captured the unrest and the menace that hung in the air of the late sixties America like tear gas, and they did it with hypnotic cool.

The self styled “erotic politicians,” relentlessly urged their fans to break through the doors of perception and free themselves from the fetters of robotic conditioning, and to seek a higher consciousness.

We offer you a guided tour of all the mayhem, the mystery, and the music that made The Doors the most iconic rock band of their time, so come on over to the roadhouse 'coz we're gonna have a real good time.

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