Picnicking, while we wait for Godot with Shrikar



Sun, September 25, 2016,

3:00 pm–6:00 pm



Act 1: Throw a frisbee, stretch yourselves and frolic.
Act 2: Get under a cosy tree and read aloud Waiting for Godot, by Samuel Beckett.

Setting: Cubbon Park, at the bamboo grove, down the path from the Aquarium entrance from MG Road.

We'll bring the photocopies, coke, chips and playthings. Contributions of Rs. 100 would be graciously welcomed.


Super short-notice gathering alert!

Seeing that the weather is gorgeous, it's time for a classic, lo-fi re-gathering at Cubbon Park.

We're back with a frisbee, tennis balls, playing cards and a little twist.

This time around, we follow up a session of letting loose and throwing things around with a participative play reading led by Shrikar Marur. We'll take turns to play Vladimir and Estragon (and Pozzo and Lucky), as they wait endlessly and in vain for one Mr. Godot.

Subtitled, "A Tragicomedy in Two Acts", it was once voted the most significant English Language play of the 20th Century.


Shrikar is a freelance film-maker, writer and actor based out of Bangalore. He enjoys carefully filtered coffee, plays read aloud and long drives to places that you wouldn't find on Google Maps.


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