Lunch-Break-Out Sessions: Productivity in the Age of ADHD ft. Amlan Mohanty



Fri, July 29, 2016,

12:30 pm–2:00 pm



These are closed, intensive sessions and since we want the conversation to be focused, we're limiting it to about twenty people. Confirm your participation quickly!


Let’s be honest. All it takes is a buzz, a ping or a beep for us to pick up our phone and take our eyes and mind off our work. Every second of distraction has lasting impact on the quality of the work that we do.

Is it really that hard to be disciplined and get things done?

He claims he's no expert, but Amlan has worked hard at working better. He joins us on Friday to share his overarching philosophy and favourite productivity frameworks (think systems, apps and attitudes) drawn from years of careful trial and error.

Swing by at 12:45 PM for a quick interactive session. There'll be sandwiches and other nibbles for you to munch on as well - courtesy of our friends at Bhukkad- Natural Fast Food

Oh, and you won't believe how beautiful this space is. Check it out here:


As a technology lawyer, Amlan has counseled some of the biggest corporations and fastest growing startups operating in India, helping frame policy for cutting edge technology and IP that hasn't quite made its way yet to consumer imagination. He has also been able to cultivate new habits at a good cadence every other week, and still somehow finds the time to write in popular media and maintain the well-regarded blog Techlawtopia. We know him best as a curious and resilient individual, intensely focused on getting better.


A series of dialogues around strategies and tactics to address workplace challenges and problems, from some of our most ambitious, productive and creative peers.

Have something you'd like to share or a friend you want to nominate for a session? Drop us a line.

Finding new ways to make lunch-hour more rewarding. Bring a workmate along.


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Bhukkad serves food that's good on our stomachs, energy levels and our pockets. Fast food, naturally.

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image credits: Book Jacket, Greg McKeown's Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

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