Listening Party: The Beatles



Sun, June 25, 2017,

4:00 pm–7:00 pm



Time: 4pm to 7pm

Money: 250. Beer available for purchase.

The Beatles were more than just a band, the Fab Four, the Mop Tops, those edge lords we all remember. We all know they changed music forever, but how did they get there?
You may know all about Eleanor Rigby and Lucy in the Sky, but did you know that the Vatican described Revolver as one of the Greatest Albums of All Time? Yeah, the Pope liked the Beatles too.
We're going to go into that, the music, the theory, the men, the women and more as we gather at Mojo's this Sunday - so come on and join in! Anuradha, a sports journalist, quizzer and a high-order Beatles/Bowie acolyte, is going to be curating the evening's music.

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