Intimacy Hacks ft. Aditi Surie & Gathr



Thu, July 21, 2016,

8:30 pm–11:00 pm



Intimacy Hacks: A Collaborative Figuring Out Session in Getting Close

With code, communication is clear, obvious and well-defined. It is only infinitely more complex with human communication. First off, it happens in real time, where the roles of a speaker and listener are continuously switching, and the participants are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating how they participate.

How do we make sense of the languages we speak in? How do we account for the twitch of an eyebrow, the lean of a shoulder, the changing pitch of a voice? How do we respond to words that are unspoken? How can we connect authentically with a person that we barely know? Even when we’ve known someone for many years, we know just the tip of an iceberg swirling with memories, dreams, desires and fears.

On Thursday, we explore intimacy and its components: the paradoxical pair of comfort and vulnerability, bridged by trust and mutual acceptance. We will make conversations, do some exercises, pick up little stratagems and play games to try and short circuit the sometimes tedious and difficult process of achieving intimacy in different situations.


Aditi is a researcher at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, where she studies urbanization and urban governance, and tries to make sense of its effect on women. She's also passionately interested in understanding what technological innovation has meant for the semi-formal and informal sectors.

We’ve carefully pieced this session together through years of experience in yearning, drawing pseudo-scientific deductions and equipping ourselves with the well-meaning eagerness to figure it out together from a place of curiosity and non-judgment.

We’re also collaborating with Shoonya - Centre for Art and Somatic Practices to bring you this event. Shoonya is a beautiful space for the arts and somatic practices located on a terrace opposite Lalbagh Gardens, set up to provide an open and nourishing environment for people from diverse cultures and ages to impart knowledge, create work and share experiences around creativity, performance, health and education.


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