Healing the Voice ft. Omri Swafield



Sun, March 4, 2018,

4:00 pm–7:00 pm



This ain’t your mama’s voice workshop…

When he started to beat box at 9 on his way back from school, Our friend Omri didn't know where his voice would lead him. Along the way he studied western Opera techniques immersed himself in classical Hindustani singing.

While living in Paris he discovered the therapeutic approach to singing called "Psychophonie". This method has influenced him deeply and became the foundation of his teaching: Understanding that to rediscover ones voice is primarily a deeply emotional process, only secondarily technical.

Nowadays, he assembled his 22 years of experience into "Healing voice" workshops.

Believing that each person should feel connected to their voice and in the process "heal" a part of oneself.

The workshop explores the voice on different levels :

Part 1: Vocal Depth - humming and discovering the basics of breath and vowels.

Part 2: Play n Beatbox - the more rhythmical

Aspect, consonants and games to just let go into a more loose way of sounding the voice.

Part 3: Vocal Jam - non verbal communication through music.

Games and exercises to experience there basics of jamming.. using only the mouth!

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