Goobeversary Part II: A Controversial Reading Party



Sun, April 16, 2017,

3:00 pm–6:00 pm



This Silent Reading Party we will provide you with a curated set of books to choose to read from. These books contain some of the most controversial and powerful ideas of the 20th century, confronting issues like surveillance, sexuality, pleasure, techno utopia/dystopia, rebellion, meaning and freedom. They area also a good representative spectrum of what entrenched (political/corporate/religious) power around the globe finds threatening and therefore seeks to ban.

As the 21st century nears adulthood, these books seem as contemporary as and more perspicacious than ever. Come read with us and join us for a short discussion thereafter.

Rs 200 Cover Charge
Fully redeemable on books

P.S: If you are reading/want to read something that you think fits into this list, please feel free to bring

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