Get Board Like It's Not Yet 1000 AD ft. Kavade



Sat, September 17, 2016,

1:00 pm–6:00 pm



TL/DR: Come and try out a round or a few of Pallanguzhi, Huli Aadu Aata, Chowka Bhara, Pachisi and a bunch of others.

Our species has had to contend with boredom long before Facebook's feed, so naturally games have existed for as long as human settlements have. Tackling it required nothing more than a few naturally available knick knacks like cowrie shells, some seeds or a few pebbles, maybe a piece of chalk, perhaps some thread and rules that were easy to explain, that let you get to playing a game post-haste.

Everyone could, and did play. Whether it was a king or a commoner, only the craftsmanship of these board games would differ. At The Alipore Post Offline, come and play the games that occupied our ancestors way, way before plastic was invented. You'll travel across time, cultures and continents as you marvel at the profound ease with which we can occupy ourselves.

The Kavade Toy Hive and Attic are Sreeranjini's labour of love. What began as a small experiment to transcend what counted as entertainment for her kids grew into a project gathering history's board-game breadcrumbs, hunting down wily grandmothers, working with Channapatna toy makers, and palm leaf artisans to recreate these games of yore. Over the last eight years, Kavade has grown into a haven for innocence, curiosity and discovery for that playful, childlike spirit that doesn't get to express itself so often.

You can pay as much as you want for your gameplaying sessions :)

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