Gathr the Gears w/ Gear Gear Motorcycles



Sun, December 11, 2016,

12:00 am–12:00 am



This Sunday, we spend time trying to understand what makes bikes magic machines - how each seemingly inconsequential component contributes to the experience of riding.

After we get a sense of how it works, we spend a little time trying to understand the world of coustomisation of bikes and listen to stories of bike transformation.

And finally we get our hands dirty, pick up some tools and attempt to pull apart and put together a bike.

Gathering size: 8-10
Ticket cost: Rs.500, Rs.600 at the door


This gathering will be gear headed by Gear Gear Motorcycles. Rajaram Rajendran-also fondly called Raju in the Bangalore circuit is a mad scientist. With a strong fondness for building things he spends his time making music, playing very many curious instruments, making films, doing design and transforming bikes. He is quick on learning and can be seen playing pool and attempting to play foosball.
Here is where you can check his work out:

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