Gathr presents Vasudhaiva Ride



Sun, April 30, 2017,

5:00 pm–7:00 pm



Gathr was birthed because of a shared dream, so we consider our duty to support dreamers, especially those with as humanistic and playful a mission as Ben and Prahsant of Vasudhaiva Ride. We’ve only heard about motorcycle trips from South Asia across the Middle East and Continental Europe in the course of legendary stories from old timers: current geopolitical f*@$-ups means that only those with a lot of gumption and heart can even consider it. Ben and Prashant are two such people, and we’re going to have a conversation with them about how the idea germinated, what emotions one wrestles with when deciding on going for a year-long bike rode, why they are bringing Buddy the dog, etc.
Also, Ben will play the sax and Prashant percuussion because they are good at it and music makes everything better.

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