Gathr gets Surreal at SteppinOut Night Market



Sat, April 22, 2017,

5:30 pm–8:30 pm



What is this?
Two hours of surrealist games and exercises from the 1920s-60s that enable creative collaboration across and within literary and artistic creation. Surrealism is based on the concept that creativity and genius can be just as much of a shared experience as it is individual.

We will be using games like Exquisite Corpse, Chinese Whispers, Telephone and its variants.

André Breton, also known as the founder of Surrealism spoke of these games as "...the most fabulous source of unfindable images...". We add another layer of words into the mix. Here is an idea of what its going to be like:

Who is this for?
-Anyone who enjoys drawing/doodling
-Anyone who enjoys any form of writing
-Dabblers of all sorts

What do you bring?
Bring your own medium. Pens, colour pens, paints, brushes, any medium you would like to express with.

Ps: Ticket cost is inclusive of entry ticket to SteppinOut Night Market. You can find out more about what's in store at the Night Market here:


About Gathr:
Gathr orchestrates alternative social experiences. They've had everything from Astrophysics + Violin Concert; Shooting Stars Stargazing, Storytelling and Kabir Night; overnight Sleep Concerts; Cupcake Baking Sessions and so on.

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