Gathr Under Shooting Stars: Stories, Strings and Outer Space



Fri, November 11, 2016,

9:00 pm–4:00 am



While the madness on land has kept our minds occupied, celestial wonders have taken over the skies. The Supermoon and the Leonid Meteor Showers have arranged themselves within the same week this November.

So we will gather under the big blanket of the sky at the Courtyard House to marvel at the expanse of the universe, at the peak of the Leonids that Friday night.

We will watch them intently and learn about the cosmic chain of cause and effect behind these shooting stars, immerse ourselves in stories of The Voyager mission lurking in the deep blue, and slowly surrender to a lullaby of classical guitars and the violin.

Like most picnics, there will be games, there will be fun and there will be wonder :)

We've got the artists, telescopes and tummy-warming picnic food covered.

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