Gathr Seeks Flow



Sat, June 17, 2017,

4:00 pm–8:00 pm



We have a full half-day curated around achieving your ''optimum state of being'' - a state of functioning in perfect harmony, where everything comes with ease and a sense of euphoria builds up; like midway through a piece of writing where words flow onto the page, or when your fingers and the guitar play as one, and even during those times where a conversation flows without falter. Or as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced Me- high Cheek-sent-me-high) called it, 'Flow'.

The designed exercises are based on Mr. Mihaly's tenets of seeking challenge, framing intentionality and gathering immediate feedback to develop strategies to find a mental/emotional space where the sense of self melts away into a non-dualistic, non-judgmental space of pure creation.

We plan to use physical activities (June 17 is International Juggling Day as well, so obviously we're going to have some of that), writing exercises seeking un-self-consciousness and a child-like sense of play through a few non-threatening artistic activities, to find flow.

We close the evening with a Handpan (Muki Sablania) + Didgeridoo (Brandon Colaco) performance with Aparamparagata, accompanied by flow artists spinning pois and other objects, translating the music into movement in a spontaneously orchestrated performance. 

All of this has been curated by Anchana Kota, who works with Gathr. Anchana graduated as a student of art and design from Srishti and actively finds herself pursuing the possibility of harnessing subliminal concepts in social settings. At other times, she marvels at the small beauties of the world, laughs ironically and easily at mundane, unnoticed occurrences, and silently drops in on conversations that aren't hers ("research").

If you only want to come by in the evening for the performance, use "GATHROFF" while making the payment.

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