Gathr Rhymes over Haleem with Sabika



Sun, October 16, 2016,

6:30 pm–9:30 pm



Sabika is off to Bombay next week to chase some silver screen scenes and we want to make the most of her last days here.


Around the peak of this Muharram, come and gather at Yolk with Sabika, filmmaker and poet, as she channels her Lucknowi culinary heritage to lead us through slow-cooking a large cauldron of haleem (without the meat) on a wood fire under the full moon. We will draw inspiration from the fire and wafting aromas to spark our collective creative sensibilities.

Bring a fistful of grains or pulses and a fertile imagination!

Act #1: Kitchen Time
What? Learn how to make Haleem. Do it together, in a traditional pot over a bonfire.
How? Inherit the history of Haleem as you gather 'round Sabika and get your hands dirty.

Act #2: Scribblers Corner
What? Acknowledge your Poetic
How? Sabika will invoke the earth, haleem and the full moon as prompts to stimulate your creative juices and lead you as you tease out two poetic pieces or short stories.

Act #3: Open Mic
What? Perform your Poetry, Spurt Songs or Share Short Stories
How? The ladle's your mic. Walk to the centre of the circle, stir the pot of porridge as you stir up the emotion amongst your eager audience as you share your pieces.


Sabika is an explorer of expression and expressiveness. She honed her film-making craft at NID after training to be a journalist. She has scripted and directed several short films. For as long as she can remember, she's been a verse generator, delicately crafting poems and songs. You'll find no better setting within which to delve into your depths as you hunt for your Poetic. Check out her lovely Shayaris by her alter ego, Aameen, on Soundcloud here:

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