Gathr Pops the Evil Eye w/ Zen Motion



Sun, November 27, 2016,

2:30 pm–5:00 pm



Come Sunday, we come together to paint ourselves some drishti bommais. Our technicolour monsters have a centuries-old reputation for warding off evil eyes.

Over the afternoon...

- We'll learn where these monsters came from, and how they got attached to everything from high-end temples to long-haul trucks.

- We get to be artistic without any prior experience or established skills. Even if (like us) you have no memory of ever being credited for your skills with a paintbrush - not even of your primary school teacher who might've tried to be encouraging.

- We use stencils, lines and numbers to paint ourselves a pop-art-ified gombe in all sorts of trippy and unexpected fluorescent colours. Customize it to your tastes and preferred levels of monstrosity.

- We get to take back home a really nice wooden framed canvas with our work of art, feel pride at our accomplishment and draw the jealous attention of onlookers at our premises, only to have those petty glances warded off. It's the whole package!

About ZenMotion, INEXEL, Koki and Mehar

Mehar and Kokila are the founders of the Institute of Experiential Learning, an initiative that crafts hands-on experiences customized for all sorts of learning needs. In the name of education, they've chased tiger pug marks, built miniature roman battle catapults, explored caves, treasure hunted on coffee estates, made music and all sorts of fun things. Basically, INEXEL is what a school founded by Indiana Jones would've looked like.

Zen Motion is a recent initiative of theirs that offers adult DIY projects allow you to slow down and give you the permission to reach into your creative self.

These things are all expensive/difficult to prep at short-notice.

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