Gathr Outdoors at an Organic Farm with A Green Venture*


Sat, February 18, 2017,

9:00 am–5:00 pm



Gathr Outdoors!
You enjoy a full day out at an organic farm, get green thumbed with mitti under your nails as you learn about organic planting and digging in soil beds in a hands-on session. We get everyone to discover indigenous and exotic fruits, spices, plants and veggies over 30 varieties growing. Breathe in healthy knowledge of medicinal herbs which are native and vedic in nature, connect with nature's busy animals like honeybee's, earthworms and cows and  their role in making all things natural. We include interactive activities which make you run, farming DIYs with gobar, mitti planting build your knowledge gardening and the basics. The space is a self-sustaining ecosystem all the food is extremely fresh and consumed the very same day as harvest. Water recycling is also practiced besides composting making the space extremely sustainable.
 A Green Venture holds these curated day-trips regularly connecting folks, families and professionals to nature and the outdoors.

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