Gathr Makes: Create a track with Akhil Kodamanchili*


Sun, February 12, 2017,

2:00 pm–5:00 pm



Gathr Makes!

Three hours of an activity where the attendees will learn music from the basics and use the skills to compose a track together. They will spend some time to understand the basics of music, what goes into building a track and its arrangement. Each attendee adds elements to the track and will be the rightful co-owner of what results at the end of three hours. The track which will then be streamed live on the pages of Gathr and TheSoundsWithin.  

If you have been listening to music and hoping to create music of/by your own, this would be an activity that will lay out the foundation for what could be your pet project later. This would also be just as rewarding for curious tinkerers who have always wanted to know how it is like to create something in a home studio.

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