Gathr Listening Parties II: The Lover Beckons



Sun, March 26, 2017,

6:30 pm–8:30 pm



To appease the spirits of Bowie, Prince, and Cohen and to selfishly prevent them from summoning others to the great musician’s heaven where there must be insane collaborations happening as we speak, we’re having a series of listening parties.

This is a rare opportunity to get together, put away our devices and direct our attention not to a screen but to speakers. This party is not for networking (though we will provide you’ll an opportunity to chat later), nor for getting wasted (though you’re welcome to bring a beer or two) but for relaxed, deep listening.

We’ve searched far and wide to identify the most serious fans of each of these artists to serve as playlist curators and historians. Expect a mix of classics and overlooked gems as well as nuanced stories about how these songs came to be. We’ll have audiophile quality sound so come with open ears!

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