Gathr Goes Hunting: Insec(re)t Lives



Sun, July 2, 2017,

3:00 pm–5:00 pm



The wooden environs of the IISc campus, even greener in the rains, provide the backdrop for our next gathering. The protagonists are the small arthropods we call insects, evolutionarily the most successful and diverse group of terrestrial organisms on the planet. We’ll identify different species as we walk around, learning about their life: how they eat, how they metamorphose, how they love, how they collaborate, how they die.

We will be led by Subhash Kairamkonda, whose childhood fascination with insects led from observations in his village to a PhD at the Indian Institute of Science on the mating behaviors of fruit flies and applied work in insect-insect and insect-plant interactions for organic farming.

The ability to walk a couple of km is a pre-requisite for this one.

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