Gathr Goes Hunting for Stories



Sun, June 5, 2016,

11:00 am–1:00 pm



Why navigate the city through google maps when you can sail through the stories, emotions, colours and mind-spaces of its inhabitants?

There are few areas in Bangalore that are simultaneously as demographically diverse and historically rich as Richmond Town. On Sunday, we’re going to go off exploring and documenting human ecosystems, on a scavenger hunt for stories and the audio, video, and notes we collect will go onto a cool multimedia map.

Haven’t you ever wondered…
- where the old flower lady opposite the park gets her flowers from?
- what the next person you see dressed in red is thinking of?
- what the last story the driver of the TV9 camera van went off hunting for?
- what the legend of the Kere Munishwara temple was from the pujari?
- what the local cow’s path around the hockey stadium must be like?

We’re making a list of things we’re going off to explore. At 11 AM, we’ll be at Richmond Park to pick out chits from a little jar and go off a-huntin’ for our stories.

Participants, armed with their smartphones or notepads will go collect the stories that your chit urges you to seek you. We'll all gather once we're done and put in a repository of stories.

Things always get more interesting when you dig just a little bit deeper :)


This is happening in collaboration with the lovely Richmond & Langford Town CWA at their World Environment Day celebration which goes on from 8 AM onwards at RIchmond Park. There’s a whole lot of fun workshops and stalls for sustainable products. Well, who needs an excuse to drop by Richmond Park on a Sunday morning!

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