Conquer, Consolidate & Govern: Nation Building Boardgame Evening



Mon, August 15, 2016,

7:00 pm–10:00 pm



The state of our nation and the state of the the planet is a result of a smorgasbord of biological, political, economic, geographic and and cultural forces. In our lifetimes we seldom get to play in more than one or two of these arenas, and very few of us are lucky enough to have more than a minor role.

Get before a tabletop and suddenly we transmogrify into marauding conquistadors, shrewd manipulators and farsighted civilization builders, quenching the thirst to play, to rule and to win.

This Independence Day, make the most of our Freedom to Play. We will play games of conquest, strategy, economics and fight some crime too.

Come and play Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Risk, Stock Exchange, Resistance, Ticket to Ride, Scotland Yard and a bunch more. Ideal for beginners! Suitable for 12 years and above.

Snacks and warm beverages will be served.

Games, vibe and space are all the courtesy of the generous tinkerer-entrepreneur Ankit. If ever you have had to deal with your Apple devices acting up, it's highly likely that you have Ankit's startup, iService to thank for saving it.

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