Book Sessions: The Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande [Lunch-Break-Out II]



Fri, August 19, 2016,

12:30 pm–2:00 pm




There’s tons of wisdom in non-fiction work whose insights we aren’t able to enjoy because no one person has the time to go through them all.

In these sessions, a facilitator presents a work and a summary of the core ideas in it in a form that is accessible and immediately actionable.

These are small, focused sessions, so we can only accommodate about 15 people. Confirm your participation quickly by purchasing a ticket.

About The Checklist Manifesto

“One essential characteristic of modern life is that we all depend on systems—on assemblages of people or technologies or both—and among our most profound difficulties is making them work.” ? Atul Gawande, The Checklist Manifesto

"Seriously? A session on Checklists, of all things?" You’d be surprised how effective this least sexy of all productivity hacks to have ever existed has been in saving lives, building systems and coordinating extremely complex tasks.

Everyone knows that thinking in systems helps us with our work, but most processes we set up are so laborious and unwieldy that we hardly ever follow the simplest of them. This is clearly a design issue, not something inherent to all processes.

Gawande, a cancer surgeon and regular New Yorker columnist, investigates various settings, from operation theaters, under-construction skyscrapers to the kitchen of a Michelin-starred restaurant, a Van Halen concert, a venture capitalist to the man at Boeing who writes checklists for pilots, to compile an account of what checklists can do, what they cannot and how they can best be designed so as to be effective and useful.

This session will be facilitated by Badrinarayanan Seetharaman, a co-founder of Gathr. Badri trained as a lawyer, tried to become a philosopher, but gave that up to develop new ways through which we can socialize better. Badri likes reading, Badri likes people and Badri likes sharing. Hence this session.

Go Back With

- A comprehensive overview of The Checklist Manifesto: Learn how to use checklists to improve your process and to design an effective checklist
- A handout with the core ideas and tactics that you can apply to your work or your life right away.

There will be a working lunch, courtesy of our friends at Bhukkad- Natural Fast Food

About Lunch-Break-Out

A series of dialogues around strategies and tactics to address workplace challenges and problems, from some of our most ambitious, productive and creative peers.

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