Birth Your Pen Name with Sabika



Sat, September 17, 2016,

5:00 pm–5:00 pm



The Poetic has been growing all this while in your metaphoric womb and this Saturday, at The Alipore Post Offline, we'll help you push it out in to the world.

Here's what the doctor says, "The baby's developing normally and we recommend a natural delivery. It's likely to be a very healthy baby, eager to burst out."

Come and incubate your newly born takhallus, your pen personality, give it a name, breathe character into it as you cradle it, explore the world through its eyes and celebrate the birth of many others along with your own. It's going to be quite a literary party, literally.

This is a free workshop :)


If you thought this was only for writers seeking the warm refuge of anonymity, think again. This exercise is an opportunity, or really, an excuse to discover-create an identity that is authentically connected with a core part of yourself.


Sabika is an explorer of expression and expressiveness. She honed her film-making craft at NID after training to be a journalist. She has scripted and directed several short films. For as long as she can remember, she's been a verse generator, delicately crafting poems and songs. You'll find no better setting within which to delve into your depths as you hunt for your Poetic. Check out her lovely Shayaris by her alter ego, Aameen, on Soundcloud here:

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