Back to School: Art Class|Paper-cuts with Priyanka


Sat, February 11, 2017,

4:00 pm–6:00 pm



Back to School is an attempt to go back and revisit the things that we were introduced to in school. This time, no school-bell will ring that forces us to stop mid way. 
Here, we go back to being beginners. 

The art of cutting paper to form designs has evolved through the centuries to adapt to different cultural styles, from the creation of shadow puppets in India to the UNESCO-recognised Jianzhi, the traditional papercutting practice of China. Hans Christian Andersen used papercuts, and so did Henri Matisse. More recently, papercutting has evolved into the creation of intricate stencils for graffiti and large-scale installations. It has also found a lot of popularity in the field of product and graphic design in recent years.

We will be working with symmetrical paper cuts, where we use a single sheet of paper to conceptualise and create one composite illustration or design. This will let us explore the less-is-more aesthetic, and talk about nerdy things like colour theory, design, and symmetry.

Priyanka Kumar is an illustrator and graphic storyteller. She has also taken to painting murals over the past few months, and works with museums and art education on the side. Her most recent published work can be found in First Hand: Graphic Non-Fiction from India.

Each participant will also go back with this paper cutting toolkit.

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