A Surrealist Slumber Party



Sat, September 3, 2016,

11:00 pm–8:00 am



Inspired by composer Robert Rich’s legendary early 1980s ‘sleep concerts’—immersive all-night shows, performed to sleeping audiences, late this Saturday night through early Sunday morning we will perform some of our own experiments in shifting consciousness via the subconscious. Our primary medium will be music—When we listen deeply certain music has a remarkable ability to access our physio-psycho-emotional matrix—and secondary techniques will include breathing and body awareness exercises, live and recorded sonic textures, food, drink, olfactory stimulus and creative visualizations.

The acoustic environment will itself morph as you phase shift between awake, light sleep, deep sleep and REM states. Our intention is to focus your attention onto the hypnagogic images that arise in the strange liminal zone between sleep and wakefulness. Time can lose meaning as you enter a stage of suspended animation. You may also become more aware of dreams, and you can observe the different layers of perception as you teeter on the edge of consciousness.

This is an all night party but you’re not expected to stay awake all night. Unlike the thumping beats of a rave, it’s quiet and subtle, all about discovering what is inside in a natural calm state—a meditative state—rather than a forced state of overstimulation.

We will provide mattresses and cushions. Wear pajamas/comfy clothes. Bring a pillow and a blanket if you’d like. Don’t drink before or limit your alcohol consumption to a single drink.

The event will be led by Qusai Kathawala, a lifetime explorer, longtime yoga and meditation practioner, and hindustani classical and ambient electronic music enthusaist.

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