A Questionable Living Room Gathering ft. Walnut Knowledge Solutions



Sun, May 8, 2016,

3:00 pm–5:00 pm



When was the last time you took your grey cells out for a spin?

Sachin, Raghav and Arvind are Walnut Knowledge Solutions. Avid quizzers themselves, they've traversed the country participating in and winning massively popular quizzes. Over the last two years, they've begun to appreciate the pedagogic values of quizzing and have been running a super popular workshop called QuizShala for schools across the city. When they aren't engaged with that, they conduct quizzes at some of the biggest quiz fests across the country at IITs, IIMs, BITS and a bunch of other places.

Genuine nice guys overflowing with passion for the magical ability of quizzing to induce curiosity and wonderment for the world, they are collaborating with us to try out a few experiments to take quizzing to Bangalore living rooms.

These gatherings are on gathr. Come to gathr, right now:

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