A Midsummer's Night Picnic: All things Organic



Sat, May 27, 2017,

9:00 pm–3:00 am



Gathr goes picnicking once again under the darkness this Saturday. Once again, we're seeking a sense of integrity with universal forces that care two hoots about this little gathering. Last time around, it was the Leonids shooting stars dropping by. This time, it is creation itself and the expansiveness of time.

We start off with a conversation on Protein, the building blocks of all organic matter featuring Vignesh Narayan. Vignesh is in the middle of his PhD at the Indian Institute of Science. We asked him to share some truths about his line of work that everyone ought to know about and he picked the role of protein in creating life as we know it. What's fascinating about Vignesh is his equally hectic enthusiasm for good science as well as science communication. You'll find a lot of his pieces on Quartzy, Club SciWri, Azim Premji University magazines and Research Matters.

Ravi and the Goobe's Book Republic will have a pop up store with an excellent smattering of sci-fi and popular science volumes.

We then move on to an opt-in participative large scale Gathr-style MMA session (okay - it's Mixed Meditative Arts), featuring sensory snapshots, with Bhargavi Raman. Bhargavi is a multi-talented artist. Trained as a lawyer, she's participates in the world as a legal researcher, musician, music archivist, actress and meditator. You'll find work closest to her heart here:, where Bhargavi has gently and diligently excavated her late great-grandmother's work, from a time when it was unheard of for female composers to participate in the making of Carnatic Music.

Premjit Ramachandran, aka Dara Okat Godzuki then brings out his Sarod, taking us through the magically colourful passages of Raag Bhupali, a pentatonic midnight Raaga, right after midnight. Dara is a mixed-media artist, but at the core of it all, he's a purveyor of soundscapes. You'll never see him without his portable Bose speakers, a couple of flutes, some rich black pens for some grotesque spontaneous scribblings and ever-present Karunanidhi shades. When he's not mobile, you'll see him in his natural habitat with about thirty odd instruments, from banjos to Slovenian violins, from twelve-stringed guitars to baby ukes. And check out hisAbstraktkollisions!

To close the night, we have an ultimately grounding performance byAparamparagata, with Brandon and Muki, featuring simultaneously one of the earliest instruments known to mankind, the Didgeridoo (circa 60,000 BCE) and one of the latest, the Handpan (circa 2000 CE). Discovered through an incidental evolutionary collaboration between fire, termites and some curious men, the Didgeridoo emits some of the most ancient elemental sounds. Amidst these, the notes of Muki's Handpan dance like glowing butterflies, casting light and wonder wherever they land.

This time too, we'll see you down at The Courtyard House. Saturday, 9PM. Be there or be square.

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