We started gathr because we were tired of the top-down, canned entertainment that largely defines our culture today. We needed an antidote to a life that is increasingly experienced from behind a screen. And we believe that the tools exist for people to make culture for themselves and experience it together.


gathr works directly with creators to orchestrate authentic, real-world social experiences. Here is a list of the events we’ve had. our definition of a creator is fairly broad: anyone with an idea that they are truly invested in and want to bring to life so that others can participate in it. gathr leverages technological tools, a motivated and imaginative in-house team, and non-traditional venues to enable unique events that otherwise might never happen.

What are gathr events like?

they are always open to intelligent and curious amateurs; they are intimate, usually between 10 and 25 participants; they are participatory or at the least necessitate an engaged audience; they are experimental and not always perfectly produced with the possibility that they might work out differently than we’d expect

Who is gathr for?

introverts, extroverts, futurists, people with something that they are really excited or pissed off about, amateurs, professionals, teenagers, grandmothers, children-at-heart, eco-warriors, tinkerers, poets, musicians, outsiders, entrepreneurs, bicycle enthusiasts, bibliophiles, cooks, meditators, artists, dancers, dabblers, doctors and other explorers of all shapes and colours